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Jul 20, 2012 5:00pm EDT
heard that my wife had been shot in the chest and my daughter had been shot."police say holmes' apartment -- a few miles from the theater -- was booby trapped.the f-b-i reports... there is no indication the shooting was tied to any terrorist groups.oates says: "we are not looking for any other suspects. we are confident that he acted alone." the... deadly shootings... in colorado... have... police nationwide... stepping up... enforcement movie theaters...///. baltimore... city... and county police... say... people... will see more officers... patrolling... around... malls and movie... theate/ theaters...// keith daniels,... live... in north baltimore.../ where... some... moviegoers... are... cautious.. keith. keith. we're live at the ááááááááá where officers.. etc..... baltimore city police taking action..... they say the propensity for a copy-cat crime is high when there's a high ppofile incident..... and tonight, police say they want to be prepared. /////////////////vo///////////// police say
Jul 24, 2012 5:00pm EDT
theater 9, when james holmes went on the attack. "there's smoke. there's explosions. there's blood. there's death. there's guns being fired."and amid the chaos, allie young realizes she's in bad shape-- hit by bullets, twice in the neck. "i just remember opening my eyes. i'm on the ground. blood everywhere."allie urged her friend stephanie davies to leave.stephanie stays by her pal's side."she puts her fingers over my artery, when my carotid artery had exploded, where i got shot." this as the gunman cases the cinema."and i'm hearing him yell at people and then you hear you hear the rounds going off--boom, boom, boom."after what seems like a lifetime in the dark, stephanie carries her friend across two parking lots to an ambulance."she saved my life, which is always going to be emotional for me." a night at the movies... and a storyline that will last a lifetime."we both survived, which is more than i could have asked.""and it's something that we'll grow through together." suspected gunman, 24-year-old james holmes, appeared in court for the first time monday morning.a judge ordered him to
Jul 25, 2012 5:00pm EDT
received a package ábelievedá to be from the suspect, james holmes. áthatá package turned out to be harmless áandá from someone else. but a search of the campus services' mailroom turned up áanotherá package sent to the psychiatrist.... this one with holmes' name on it. law enforcement sources say inside the notebook were quote: "drawings of what he was going to do..." the illustrations depicting a gun wielding stick figure "blowing away" other stick figures. the news comes as the first funeral of one of the 12 victims was held today. 51year old gordon cowden was laid to rest in denver this afternoon... the family requested privacy for the service. the aurora community also making a push to get the media to stop naming the shooter... and stop showing his images on t-v. families of the victims fear the media attention feeds into the accused shooters desire to be infamous. tobin says: "the accused gunman makes his next court appearance on monday, the judge has ruled ánoá cameras will be allowed inside the courtroom for the hear
Jul 30, 2012 5:00pm EDT
holmes... faced... formal charges today... in... the... colorado... movie massacre. massacre.chris welch has the new information on the case. case. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 b-g-e has now deemed the area safe after a gas leak scare in locust point. crews are still on the scene near hull and haubert street after a contractor who was performing a utility repair in the street ruptured a line early this morning. for safety reasons everyone in the area was evacuated. hazmat crews are still checking businesses and homes in the area...making sure they are secure. we're performing evaluations checking for odors of natural gas in many of these homes. fortunately no one has suffered any injuries as a result right now and bge they are here on the scene and we're collaborating. our efforts with them to get this leak under control." control."residents in the area are still advised ánotá to use their gas utilities until officials have given you the ok. construction... begins today ...on... a.... new race course ... for the... baltimore grand prix.../. the... first step - is... placing thousan
Jul 23, 2012 5:00pm EDT
colorado movie theater shooter james holmes, made his first court appearance with his times he looked down sleepily, at other times, blinking, while he listened to the judge read his rights give notice no bond would be granted. the other big story today... penn state is hit with major punishment from the n-c- double-a for the way the school handled the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. scandal.the penalties include.. a 60-million-dollar fine... a four year ban on post season play... removal of all wins since 1998 and the loss of 20 scholarships a year for four years... the school must also create a fund to prevent child abuse and assist victims. the n-c-double-a says penn state's "football first" culture enabled serial child sex abuse to occur.the strong punishment comes after an independent investigation held top penn state officials responsible for not taking action to stop the abuse. 17-35"no price the ncaa can level will repair grievous damage inflicted by jerry sandusky on his victims. we can make clear that culture, actions, and inactions that allowed them to
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5